Cream of the Crop

Lilly Ball, Asst. A&E Editor

Popular for its unusual way of making ice cream, Creamistry has risen to popularity as the ice cream bar of the future. For weeks I saw post after post of Creamistry ice cream on my Instagram feed, so I finally gave in and decided to try it.

After a journey to the crowded Diamond Plaza in Rowland Heights, I finally understood why my friends had been so obsessed. Liquid nitrogen, the secret ingredient to the creamy treat, makes this dessert unlike any other ice cream I have ever tasted.

The employees at Creamistry, creatively called “Creamologists,” are specialized in preparing each order fresh, with the help of liquid nitrogen. The Creamologists combine an ice cream mix with the liquid nitrogen, which evaporates quickly, leaving behind a cloud of smoke that disperses throughout the store. The station where the ice cream is created is front and center, giving customers a full view of the process. Though a glass panel protects the machines, there is a small slit where customers can stick their hands in to feel the icy smoke. Both children and adults eagerly pile up around the station and compete for space to touch the frosty clouds.

As soon as you walk into the store, you can’t help but notice a giant liquid nitrogen tank stationed in the corner. The sleek white tables and chairs give the entire place an overly sterile feeling, like a lab. Creamistry’s décor certainly reflects its name, a play on the words “cream” and “chemistry.”

The most notable difference between Creamistry and other ice cream stores, other than the liquid nitrogen, is the large selection of flavors. The chain offers 40 flavors along with four different options for the base of the ice cream. Customers can choose between signature premium, organic milk, non-dairy water based, and nitro dole. There is also an option to order your ice cream as a “Nitroshake.” Overwhelmed by the amount of options, I settled for a Creamistry “top pick,” one of the most popular menu item—green tea ice cream with mochi as a topping.

The consistency of Creamistry’s ice cream is also another unique factor. It is thicker than normal ice cream, almost like a frozen paste, and melts at a much slower pace. The green tea flavor was strong and a bit bitter but perfect for any green tea enthusiast.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that my topping was an entire dollar extra and was very surprised when my total came out to be almost $15 for only two ice creams. A small size at Creamistry is $5.50, much more expensive than typical ice cream stores. As expensive as it was, the small was more than enough, and I struggled to finish my order. The high quality of the ice cream may be worth every cent, but becoming a regular customer here would leave me broke.