Club Spotlight: R.E.D.

Victoria Ly, Asst. Feature Editor

Although slavery is thought to be a thing of the past, human trafficking is still an ongoing issue today. R.E.D is a club at Diamond Bar High School that educates students about human trafficking, bringing light to the situation and striving to spread awareness on this issue.

Establishing itself as a club two years ago, R.E.D stands for redemption, emancipation, and determination. This club works to end human trafficking by raising money to give to organizations like Loose Change to Loosen Chains, International Justice Mission, and My Refuge House. These organizations save adults and children who fall victim to human trafficking. They take in these victims and help by educating them, providing shelter and getting them back on their feet.

“Unfortunately since we’re only high school students, there’s only so much we can do. We can’t go out and help conduct the raids on trafficking sites to save the victims,” Co-President Mika Pham said.

The club also participates in anti-trafficking campaigns around the area. R.E.D to participate in the local walk against human trafficking in Chino Hills last weekend.

“Although we can’t help them directly, we can spread awareness by educating the people around us and making sure our community is safe,” Pham said.

R.E.D occasionally invites guest speakers from anti-trafficking organizations to speak during club meetings, and in this way, educates students about the subject. These guest speakers discuss their profession, what they do in the anti-trafficking organization, and at times give testimonies of the victims they’ve worked with.

“I learned that spreading awareness can keep one less person from getting trapped and donating time and money can get someone out of trouble,” Secretary Chelsea Wong said.