A Break away from California

Brian Chang and Catherine Zhang

Spring break is right around the corner and with it comes the difficult choice between traveling afar and staying close to home. A few Diamond Bar High School students are already looking ahead towards the imminent vacation, which begins April 6.

For those with friends in faraway lands, a week away from school is a golden opportunity to tour foreign countries, go sight viewing and catch up on old times. Freshman Annie Yen plans on doing that.

“My sister’s friend moved to Paris maybe two years ago, and we’ve been wanting to visit her,” Yen said. “I’m really excited to see the Eiffel Tower, especially at night because you can see all of the lights.”

The usual two day weekend typically isn’t enough to spend quality time with such family members, so senior Amy Zhu has decided to make the most of the upcoming vacation and pay a visit to her mom and grandparents up in Seattle.

Some students, such as freshman Amanda Hsieh, plan on traveling to the sunny beaches of the Hawaiian Islands.

“We plan to visit museums to learn about Hawaii’s history. I’m also really looking forward to swimming with dolphins because it’s my first time seeing them up close,” Hsieh said.

Regardless of the fleeting span of one week, sophomore Aaron He plans on returning to his hometown, Canton, in China.

“I’m going to see my family since it’s been two years,” He said.

Similarly, freshman Angeline Cheng plans on visiting Taiwan to enjoy the various shopping areas, native delicacies, and see relatives during her week off school.

“We’re visiting Taipei and Gao Xiong. I’m going to see my grandparents but I’m really excited to eat good food. I’m also probably going to go shopping at places like the night market,” Cheng said.

Meanwhile, sophomore Kevin Zhang is planning to go on a cruise ship headed to Mexico to enjoy the local foods as well as hospitality.

“I’m looking forward to trying the local cuisine and meeting new people. I’m also hoping to get a tan while I’m there!” Zhang said.