The Parking Spot


Joseph Park, Editor-In-Chief

I fell in love with the Los Angeles Lakers. The history and tradition, the purple and gold, the legends, I’ve become utterly infatuated. October calls for my annual predictions for my love. But love hurts, especially this season.

Let’s be honest here Lakers fans. The Lakers are going nowhere but south. Ever since the passing of Dr. Jerry Buss, the domino effect of failure has been haunting the organization. From being swept in the first round to the San Antonio Spurs in 2013 to having a Kobe Bryant-less season, it comes with no surprise to say that the expectations for this season aren’t high.

A championship caliber team is the norm in LA and fans are adjusting to this distressing period of time. Don’t be expecting too much this season. Maybe with a touch of magic from above, Dr. Buss can grant the City of Angels mediocrecy but that’s going off on a limb. Mr. Jerry Buss: Carlos Boozer, Jeremy Lin, Ed Davis, Wayne Ellington, really? Where are the stars? Where is Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony? Simply put, where is the future?

The Lakers have lost their glow and what star would want to go to a team with no set plan for the future. I don’t blame Howard for leaving, I didn’t expect Anthony to come, and I’m really hoping some miracle happens in the next few years so I don’t end up in a therapy session dealing with my pain for my love. Though the season looks dim, there’s always room for optimism, even if it may be pathetic.

Let’s say Steve Nash plays all 82 games in top shape. Let’s hope Bryant will play at the same level. Let’s wish the Staples will chant “Can’t handle the Randle” while our seventh rounder Julius Randle establishes himself as a double-double machine. Let’s hope for Linsanity 2.0. Maybe, just maybe, with a combination of a myriad of miracles, the Lakers can reach the playoffs. I rather they not, however, because getting swept in the playoffs is a far more embarrassment than not making it, in my perspective.

Bryant and Nash are gone after this season. It would’ve been a Bryant’s fan dream for 24 to get his sixth ring so he can be in discussion with 23. My heart goes out to all the Lakers fans out there. Not all hope is lost however. The Lakers, always did and always will, find a way out of a mess, hopefully.