The Buzz: Frozen

Bernard Chen, Contributing Writer

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” I certainly did after watching the movie, “Frozen.” Yet another fabulous Disney movie has sparked hype this winter season with an absolutely blissful soundtrack, unique characters, and a semi-original plot.

From the reviews I had heard from others, my expectations were relatively high walking into the theatre. Despite being disappointed by the lack of character development, the adorable supporting characters and delightful songs carried the movie through.

I must applaud the creativity of the plot because even though it seemed like another cliché princess movie, it had its own twist of love and treachery.

The movie takes place in Arendelle, the kingdom of two orphaned princesses, Anna and Elsa. Elsa, the older sister who has a magical power to freeze objects, is unable to control this ability and ends up setting off an “eternal winter.” When Anna tries to understand her sister’s circumstances, Elsa runs away to prevent further damage. In search for Elsa, Anna leaves a seemingly likable new-guy that she has just met in charge of the kingdom. The rest of the story follows Anna on her journey with another adventurous character, Kristoff, to find Elsa and bring back summer.

A wonderful family bonding animation, “Frozen” truly is a feel-good movie that kept me smiling the entire time. As in all other Disney princess films, it took true love to break the destructive curse.

Disney has definitely outdone themselves in both animation and artwork. Many movie-goers admit to having watched “Frozen” because of Olaf and Sven, two comical and lovable characters. As for me, the two did not seem to be as humorous as I had expected, which was a huge let-down after seeing the trailer. Nonetheless, the movie, beautifully animated with great detail, once again lived up to the incredible Disney standards.

Probably the boldest aspect of the movie is the soundtrack. Every day since I have watched the movie, I have heard at least one person singing along to one of the songs. In fact, the lyrics are very easy to memorize, which makes them all the catchier. Even Olaf, the adorable little snowman, has one song where he fantasizes about summer. I, too, have been caught in the soundtrack, often times finding myself with a “Frozen” tune stuck in my head.

As mentioned before, the only downside to the film was the limited character development. Few characters grew from their experiences except Elsa, who underwent drastic change. Although I realize that suspenseful plot twists are crucial to any movie, they must be backed up properly with foreshadowing and strong character development. Nice try Disney, but the plot twist in “Frozen” was poorly presented, particularly by the little progression of personality.

Although this movie was a bit over-hyped, it was ultimately a good experience with especially memorable tunes. Just let it go, let it go; you can’t hold it back anymore, so go watch “Frozen.”