‘Spare’ Time for Homecoming

Bernard Chen, Asst. News Editor

United Student Body puts a spin on Homecoming this year by holding the event at Bowlmor Anaheim. The dance will include not only the usual photo booth and DJ, but also bowling and other yet-to-be revealed activities.

The rather mysterious theme, “Lost in Wonderland,” accompanies the unique venue for Homecoming 2014. With various ideas that could go so well with the wonderland atmosphere, it was an easy decision for USB Commissioners of Special Projects, Yasi Hekmat and Christiana Salvosa, to choose this theme.

“[Bowlmor Anaheim] had many different aspects that drew us into it. You’ll find out when you go to the dance, but it was the bowling that intrigued us because it was kind of like a ‘wow’ factor,” Salvosa said.

In comparison to previous years, Homecoming 2014 will have unprecedented activities because of its location, and students will be able to bowl on the 24 available lanes throughout the night. The venue also features billiard tables. Because Bowlmor Anaheim is within walking distance of Anaheim Gardenwalk, students can enjoy the vast selection of restaurants in the outdoor center for shops, dining, and entertainment before the event begins at 7 p.m.

“The largest challenge is always finding a really great, fun venue… but we definitely have that this year. It will just be a really [enjoyable] and special experience,” USB advisor Chelsea Grunseth said.

Although many details of the event remain a surprise, the venue will be decorated with USB-made props relating to the theme. To express a full wonderland atmosphere, a moving projector will display clips and scenes from “Alice in Wonderland” onto the walls and ceiling of the bowling alley.

The Homecoming dance itself will be a time for students to meet new people as well as kickoff the upcoming school year.
“It’s a welcome back. I think it’s a way to start off the school year and a fun, exciting, and suspenseful way because no one really knows as much going into the school year as they do when they arrive at the dance,” Salvosa said.

Tickets are $45 for a single person with an activities card and $50 without. It is $90 for couples who both have activities cards and $100 if both do not have a card. If only one of the two has a card, tickets are $95.