Hanna’s Harangues: Pulling the Race Card

Too many Americans are wrongly perceiving cases like Ferguson as inherently racist.

Hanna Kang, Editorial Editor

For the past few weeks, a majority of the country has been screaming racism and to be frank, it’s getting out of hand.

The recent happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, New York grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner, revived the hotly debated issue of racism in America. Senseless displays of fighting against the supposed race case were witnessed through the television screen—cars were burned down, stores were looted and glass was shattered.

Many Americans, especially blacks, unjustly dub whites as racists, claiming they are responsible for the plight of black America. Poverty, broken families and poor education somehow all point to white racism.

I understand where the black protesters in Ferguson are coming from. It’s always tragic to see a young life pass away and even more devastating to realize that events like Ferguson are causing a more definite divide between both races, especially when America has come so far. However, no way am I in tolerance of the shortsighted outlook of the protesters and the so-called civil rights activists,

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani slammed New York mayor Bill de Blasio for not mentioning black on black crime during the press conference after the grand jury decided not to indict Officer Pantaleo. I cannot agree more. Ninety-six percent of blacks are killed by other blacks. Instead of influencing black children in the way that will lead them to despise the police and distrust the criminal justice system, parents should invest a little more time in informing them about the real dangers that society poses.

The reason why so many American people are unaware of glaring truths such as those Giuliani stated is because politicians, media and self-proclaimed victims are intent on cherry-picking. They pick and choose things that will help their cause. What if former Officer Darren Wilson was black and Michael Brown was white? There would never have been such outrageous protests and we would have never heard a peep from people like Al Sharpton. Why is it okay for a group of black boys to jump a white boy, but inherently racist for a group of white boys to jump a black boy?

I really want to ask Ferguson protesters: How did you achieve justice by burning down your city? How does looting and busting out guns provide justice in your case? How will you show that black lives matter by shouting racism at every possible opportunity?

The situation won’t get any better unless the black community wises up and quits degrading itself. I’ll continue being hopeful, but I won’t hold my breath.