GLC retires after a ‘Goode’ many years at DBHS

Nadia Lee, Staff Writer

Starting as an AP U.S. History teacher and head basketball coach at Walnut High School in 1978 then settling in as a guidance counselor for Diamond Bar High School in 1993, Jon Goode has now decided that it was time for him to hand over the torch.

Goode has been a part of the DBHS family for 22 years, working to create strong bonds with the students and faculty, and for the past three years, has been a Grade Level Coordinator for the Class of 2015. He strongly believes that building relationships with the students and getting to know them well are the most important tasks a GLC must accomplish.

However, Goode went through a lot of hardships and struggles ever since his heart surgery in 2011. He is required to exercise every morning, which caused him to miss school meetings and arrive late to work. Even when working, Goode has had to avoid as much stress and frustration as possible to prevent his blood pressure from rising.

Although Goode had initially planned on retiring once the Class of 2015 graduated, factors related to his health have caused Goode to reconsider. He realized that health concerns would make letters of recommendation and other duties a challenge in the next school year. Not only is Goode uncomfortable with the workload, but he also fears that it’ll be too difficult for him to watch the 2015 seniors leave.

“I believe that it’s best that somebody else should come in. It’s going to be hard for me if I stay, but one thing for sure is that I’m not excited about retirement,” Goode said.
But Goode wouldn’t be the only person who would find leaving a challenge, the Class of 2015 finds it even harder to see their GLC leave.

“Goode is like a parent to me so when I heard that he was leaving, I felt so scared. But I’m glad that I had him as my GLC,” junior RenataBieniek said. “I can count on seeing him right there watching the Class of 2015 at the finish line next year.”

When Goode first came to DBHS, his main goals were to do the best job possible, help the students as much as he can, and have an influence on the campus. Looking back, the GLC believes that he has been successful and has actually gotten more out of his job than he had expected. Before he leaves, Goode urges students to keep a few things in mind during their senior year.

“For the Class of 2015, finish strong and always remember this; you’re the one that’s creating the memories here. Enjoy it and make it last,” Goode said. “And for the rest of the students: don’t worry. There’s always something here for each and every one of you so get involved.”

For the upcoming year, Class of 2016 GLC Richard Gonzales will replace Goode, but the retiring GLC also plans to return to DBHS at the end of next year to attend the 2015 graduation.

“It’s really hard for me to leave. I wish you guys good luck. Good luck to your next chapter in life. Thank you all for the memories,” Goode said.