End of semester sees rise of new clubs

Bernard Chen, Asst. News Editor

While the school year is coming to a close, the lives of several clubs, such as HOSA, PAWS, and ΑЀΦΣ, are just beginning. These clubs began their activities second semester this year in an attempt to provide opportunities in the heath career, help animal shelters, and even spread love.

Created to give students a head start in their future, HOSA provides many opportunities for students to visit and experience the college life as well as get a hands-on experience of the medical industry.

“The overall goal is to help encourage those who are interested in the health care field,” Crystal Chang, sophomore co-president, said.

The club has already been busy this year with fundraisers, general meetings and two college visits. Members had the opportunity to visit the Pomona College campus and listen to a professor’s Intro to Cell Bio and Chem lecture. Last Saturday, they visited UC Irvine as part of a High School Medical Forum event.

Although HOSA was unable to sign up for competitive events this year, the club plans on participating next year, holding study sessions for members, taking part in the National Community Project to support various health organizations, and expanding their membership.

PAWS, another newly formed club, focuses on service for animals.

“[The purpose of our club] is to help the members [gain] community service hours while helping out the local animal shelters,” junior Priscilla Suen, the president of PAWS, said.

With the help of several willing teachers, Suen successfully filled out the necessary paperwork and constitution to form the club. From there, she chose friends who seemed responsible and interested in animals.

Since its first meeting on March 5 this year, the club has been volunteering weekly at the animal orphanage, Cats in Need, and Pet Expo. In addition, members plan to hold a “pack-walk” to help fundraise money for free spay and neuter clinics.

Yet another growing club, ΑЀΦΣ is a bit different from other clubs. Instead of having concrete goals, ΑЀΦΣ has a very relaxed structure without strict regulations. Rather, the club is devoted to spreading love. Its mission statement is to help promote human love and appreciation that we have for ourselves and others.

“I feel like that’s something that there isn’t enough of. There are a lot of people that are very hard on themselves or they don’t take the time to look at the good in their peers… and I feel like someone should try and rectify that,” sophomore Andrew Lee, the founder of ΑЀΦΣ, said. “This is my goal, so I’m going to make that become reality.”

The club has already attracted over 100 people at DBHS and throughout the year, they have spread to other schools such as Troy High School. Despite the large amount of students already in ΑЀΦΣ, its members are planning on expanding to other states next year.

With the sole purpose to make others feel good, ΑЀΦΣ has mainly been about building closeness within the club. The officers holds general meetings to achieve this and through the first week of May, had partnered with Peer Counseling to hold a free hugs campaign.

In the future, Lee wants to do more fundraising for charities and also assist newly formed clubs on campus.

“From personal experience, it’s kind of hard to start up a club without much. I thought it might be nice if we could give support to other clubs, whether that be tangible support or just emotional support,” Lee said.