DBHS staff uses summer vacation to make improvements on campus

Lilly Ball, Asst. A&E Editor

Diamond Bar High School will be facing some much needed change this summer. After returning from the break, students can expect classroom renovations and refurbishments all around school campus.

DBHS operations manager Doug Mefford, in charge of campus renovation, plans on improving the campus in ways that would benefit the student body. “We really have to focus on the things that will make the most impact on our students,” Mefford stated.

One major development is taking place on the lower area of campus, above the football field. The basketball court area will be removed, and a grassy field will take its place. The basketball courts will be moved to a location near the tennis courts.

Other improvements include small projects such as the repaving and restriping of the main parking lot. A repainting of aged walls around campus and of the storage buildings by the softball and baseball fields can also be expected.

Mefford hopes to direct much of the refurbishing on the 500 building, which was constructed in 1983. Classrooms in this building will be receiving new carpeting and fresh paint. The remodeling still depends on the funding for these projects, which has foiled many plans made earlier this year.

Major projects such as the modernization of the 400 and 500 buildings will be saved for a time when budget will allow. The funding for campus projects has forced Mefford to think on a smaller scale, and pinpoint the areas of DHBS that would matter the most.

“Six months ago plans were slated but budgets did not come through, and we have to work with what we have at the time,” Mefford said.

Damage brought on by the spring break earthquake resulted in the major remodeling of the aerobic and weight lifting rooms. Total body fitness students can expect a new parquet floor, mirrors, and freshly painted walls.

The weight room has been repainted, and a Gatorade machine is in the process of being installed. The Aerobic room has already been reopened and the weight room will likely be completely finished this month, but the timing depends on how quickly the equipment can be moved back into the room, after being removed following the earthquake.