A Tale Full of Korean Cuisine

Sasha Rivera, Asst. Editorial Editor

Although I am quite the foodie, I also happen to be a picky eater. This little quality made me apprehensive at first when I dined at Han Sang Korean Restaurant in Walnut, located on Brea Canyon Road.

The place was small and tucked away, with what seemed like two dining rooms: one more casual and dingy, while the other elegant and more luxurious. We took the first seats available in the casual room, which was surprisingly crowded. I was taken aback at how many people had filled the restaurant; I had never heard of it, let alone known that it was apparently quite popular.

When I opened the menu, I became a bit nervous. The food was mainly Korean barbeque but with many traditional dishes that I did not recognize. The picky-eater within me tried to rear its head, but out of politeness, I did not say a word about my worries. Instead, my friends ordered a special, which included several dishes like spicy chicken and beef bulgogi.

The first few dishes that arrived were small appetizers, the most common being different variations of kimchi and a noodle dish. The rest were unfamiliar items, so those dishes remained untouched through the course of the evening.

Soon, the rest of the food started arriving, and surely, it did not stop for a while. So much food was brought to the table that there was barely any room for anything other than plates. I don’t think any of us had been expecting all this food. There were the main courses: bulgoli beef, spicy chicken, and boiled pork, accompanied by side dishes like fluffy egg, vegetable flat cakes, and rice made with taro. At first I was a bit hesitant to try some of the dishes, but once I did, I could not stop. The food was incredible, especially the bulgoli beef with its savory, soft sweetness. My taste buds were singing with delight. The taro rice, when paired with spicy chicken or bulgogi beef, tasted delightful. While I still stayed away from kimchi due to my dislike of cabbage, the other side dishes were delicious.

The food was not the only spectacular feature of the restaurant; the service was really great as well. We were seated right away, and our server was very helpful with his menu recommendations. Then, he spontaneously brought us each a can of Coke, free of charge. He did not really explain why he was gifting us with the carbonated drink, but it was a very kind, unexpected gesture.

Han Sang may seem like a haven only for those with more adventurous stomachs, but in reality, it is just a regular restaurant where people can enjoy delicious Korean food. I have never been so happy about training my taste buds to accept a larger variety of foods because that was a meal I definitely savored.