Working the Floor


Xing Yen Quek

SAY MY NAME – Seniors Xfrom Dance Team pose during a fierce performance of “Say My Name”

With suave male dancers dressed in suits and sassy girls in chic costumes, this year’s annual winter dance concert “Dancers At Work” showcased a variety of pieces. All dances were student choreographed by Advanced and Intermediate Performance Ensemble, All-Male Dance Crew, and Taurian Co. Dance Team. The show also featured a wide range of dance styles, including ballet, hip hop, and jazz.

“Both nights came together very well. We had some technical difficulties Thursday that we were able to come back from,” Dance Director Janna Lindenberg said.

The entire dance company opened the concert with “Emotions,” choreographed by All-Male alumnus and 2013 graduate Derrick Sy. It was immediately followed by group dances choreographed by dancers from Advanced and Intermediate Performance Ensemble, All-Male, and Dance Team. One performance by seniors Elijah Ang, Siham Ayoub, Alex DaSilva, Tiffany Ding, Taylor Raymundo, and Tiffany Wood to “Say My Name” showcased Ang’s attempts to dance with each girl only to be rejected. DaSilva and fellow dance team members ended the first half of the concert with a light-hearted Broadway theme piece “Thataway.”

After intermission, juniors Peter Kang, Austin Kim, John Kim, John Oh, and Kelvin Pang choreographed a playful compilation of theme songs from “Teen Titans”, “Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtle”, and “Power Rangers”. The highlight of the show was senior Jeremy Chan’s piece “Around the World in 80 Days” which was Chan, senior Phillip Lee, and junior Peter Kang’s reenactment of the movie as they lead the audience through their adventures. The only soloist was senior Tiffany Ding, who choreographed and danced to “Call Me Old Fashioned.” Although she ran into some technical difficulties on the first day, Ding managed to gracefully finish her piece.

Following Ding’s solo was “Jungle Drum,” the traditional Tahitian dance performed by freshman Gizelle Adams and junior Megan Tse. Both nights ended with Advanced Performance Ensemble’s “Toxic,” choreographed by junior Mary Aguirre and sophomore Jason Lin.

“All of the dancers did a fantastic job. There were even dancers that have never performed in one of our concerts before and ended up doing an outstanding job,” All-Male captain junior Peter Kang said.