Ennio Emmanuel to perform Friday

After 14 years of Justo Lamas being the star of the annual Spanish Concert, a new face will be headlining the show.

Puerto Rican pop singer Ennio Emmanuel’s highly anticipated concert nearly sold out the first week tickets were available. The concert will be held in Diamond Bar High School’s theater on Friday as part of Ennio’s nationwide tour, “Nada Es Imposible.”

The event will feature several of Ennio’s new songs including “Manda Un Angel” as well as some of Lamas’ classics, such as “Eres Tú.” In addition to his solo performances, Ennio will also be performing with DBHS Dance Team in an upbeat and lively song, “Baila Baila,” and with a few selected student singers in a slower song, “Confiar En Mi.”

Ennio’s touring career began in the summer of 2010, when he was selected to be part of United Cultures, a company whose goal is to spread the Spanish culture to students in America through music. His pop and electronic sounds are thought to be fitting to the preferences of high school students, which make it easier for him to convey the richness of the Spanish language.

“We’re excited to meet Ennio and we know his program will be as great as Justo’s. His style is a little different, but his message is similar—to encourage young people to do something positive in their lives and learn the Hispanic culture,” Chris Buccola, Spanish teacher, said.

Prior to joining United Cultures, Ennio had been involved in the music industry all his life. He started performing for an audience when he was only seven years old and has toured with several performing groups.

“I am looking forward to the concert and I think I might enjoy it better than last year because Ennio is younger and we can relate to him better.” junior Theresa Luk, eagerly anticipating the new performer, said. The concert is primarily organized by DBHS Spanish Club, whose responsibility ranges from making promotional posters to decorating the theater. Spanish Club will also be selling several of Ennio’s merchandise and posters which he may autograph on the day of the concert.

With a fresh face and a completely different style of music, Ennio is expected to bring a new and exciting experience for everyone.