CON: Diamond Bar High Renumbers Classrooms

CON: Diamond Bar High Renumbers Classrooms

With the new addition of the math building, DBHS has changed the numbering system of all the classrooms. Instead of buildings labeled from A through G, they are now labeled from 100 to 900. While the original intent of the number change was for everyone’s benefit, it seems to have created more of a nuisance than increased convenience.

It is not an odd sight on the first day of school to see the occasionally confused freshmen searching for their classes, but at the start of this school year, almost everyone was confused. As the modification of classroom numbers was new to even the teachers and the GLCs, students found themselves relying solely on the school map as guidance to find their way to their classrooms.

It is understandable that DBHS wanted to renumber all the classrooms with the addition of the ninth building, but altering the numbers for the entire school, especially when the majority of the classes remained the same as they have been for years, seemed unwise. In addition to this, all teachers had new extension numbers for their classroom’s phones. Because many  did not know their changed numbers, it created more inconvenience than good.

The numbering system of the classrooms did not necessarily have to be altered. Keeping the old system, new classroom numbers for just the math building could have been added instead. Students and faculty could have more easily transitioned into this modification and avoided the hassle, rather than having to accustom to the classroom changes on the first few weeks of school.

If the room number alterations are such a huge priority, there should have been better preparation for it. Perhaps if teachers and students had been introduced to it or at least been informed of the changes at the end of the last school year, they would have had time to get used to it. That would have provided smoother transition and prevented much of the initial confusion.