Brahmas win a tough match

Competing in the Glendora Tournament on Friday, the Diamond Bar soccer team faced off against the Long Beach Millikan Rams. The game went back and forth, but with the help of junior sensation Guy Horcasitas, the Brahmas managed to come out on top with the 3-2 victory.

“Our team played outstandingly, we just beat one of the best program in Southern California. They’re loaded every year with talented players and we beat them,” coach Kemp Wells said.

This was a highly anticipated match, with both teams expected as favorites to go deep in the playoffs. Both teams were playing hard from the start, but with an excellent offensive possession, Horcasitas scored the first goal of the match. However, the tough offensive line of the Rams kept pounding the other end of the field. Eventually, the Rams found a slip through the defense to tie the game at one apiece.

The Brahmas were relentless on the night of the game, never giving up and trying their best to get past the durable defense of LBM. The ball rolled toward the right and, after a center kick to the middle, Horcasitas was at the right place at the right time to score the second goal for DB, increasing the lead to 2-1.

However, with LBM being the resilient team that it is, the Rams came back with another goal to tie the game at two. After minutes of going back and forth, DB eventually found its golden opportunity. Following a great pass down the right wing of the field, senior Joey Yim made a perfect cross right to Horcasitas. Horcasitas accepted the perfect pass and converted it nicely into the game-winning goal.

The Brahma’s defense did not allow any more goals for the rest of the match. The final whistle blew and the crowd started to cheer, DB, the underdogs of the match, defeated the Rams 3-2. This was a great win for the Brahmas and a confidence booster for the rest of the season as they hope to go deep in the playoffs.

“I know they were banged up a little bit because they had a rough week but so did we so that’s equal,” Wells said. Winning league is our number one priority. Going a couple of runs in the playoffs will be a nice middle goal and I think if we play well we can go deeper. I think we have the talent to go deep in the playoffs, we will have to find out how deep we can go.”