Social Media Cannot Be Depended on for Factual News

Too many people rely on networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, for much of their daily news.

In recent years, we have reached a state in which social media has become the most vital part of our lives. Social media’s seamless integration in our daily habits easily explains the reason for its replacement of the traditional form of media. The ability to deliver immediate news to the public is one of its advantages; however, depending entirely on social media for news is not a prudent choice because such an unreliable news sources, such as Facebook or Twitter, may contain inaccuracy or lack sufficient details.

Recent statistics show that one third of adults under thirty obtain news from social media; this number is not surprising, as many peoples’ lives revolve around social networking sites. It is important to realize, however, that speed and convenience do not always guarantee factual information.

The greatest concern in relying on social media is that news can be reported by literally anyone. Most people who disclose news on social networking sites are, most likely, not journalists who know that news reports should contain accurate facts. Instead, they are individuals who are oblivious to or unaware of journalistic integrity. They may have biased views and at times withhold all the important facts. Relying on such erroneous information can result in confusion and conflict. When people depend on unreliable sources, false news may spread rumors and lead to further sprouting and circulation of misconceptions.

Recent surveys show that over 50 percent of people have learned about breaking news via social media rather than a more traditional news source.

As our society gradually leans toward a more social media dependent generation, we should be well aware that easily obtained information comes at a cost. Completely relying on it for news is foolish; therefore, it is imperative that people put forth the extra effort in order to excavate the true and complete story.