Pro: Colleges are De-emphasizing SAT in Admission Process

The SAT does not offer an even playing field for applicants.

The SATs have long played a critical part in students’ acceptances into certain colleges. Last year, however, UC Regents decided to exclude the SAT Subject Test scores from a prospective student’s application. With this decision by the UC Regents, the significance of the SAT has resurfaced for debate.

A majority of colleges in the United States, including the UCs, still require the applicants to submit their scores for SAT Reasoning Test. This standardized test should be deemphasized for its inaccurate portrayal of a student’s worth to a potential university.

The value of one test score is trivial compared to the significance of certain attributes, such as inventiveness and creativity. A person’s capabilities cannot be determined by one test. Schools should focus on selecting well-rounded applicants who have demonstrated hard work through extracurricular activities.

The increasing competition to attend certain colleges has resulted in a great deal of pressure among students to seek outside assistance. Individuals with better resources have an advantage compared to those living with money constraints. The test’s fundamental purpose to keep all students on an even playing field has been altered.

Although the test is constructed to suit the knowledge of all students, the exam only tests on math, reading, and writing skills. This format can hinder those with originality and resourcefulness. A person’s desire to attend a reputable college may be denied due to his inability in mathematics and literature, even if he has an innate talent, such as art.

The test’s failed attempt to give everyone in the nation an equal chance and the focus on certain subjects are also significant flaws of the exam. Thus, the importance of the SAT should be devalued for the test’s ineffectiveness to accurately represent a person’s intelligence.