The Bull's Eye

Somiya Jajieh

  • Years on Staff: 2

  • Birthdate: 04/07/2004

  • Social Media: @somiya_jalieh

  • Favorite thing about yourself:nothing

  • Life Motto:gotta dress cute so they forget you can do basic math

  • Dream Job: archeologist

  • Pet Peeve: when you’re at some sort of show and the performers are like “how are y’all today?” and then when the crowd cheers they’re like “i can’t hear youuu i said how are y’all doing tonight” it’s so annoying

  • Binge-worthy TV Show: Stranger Things

  • Celebrity Crush: Winona Ryder

  • Favorite Food: ritz crackers

  • A job you would be terrible at: mathematician

Somiya Jajieh, Asst. Feature Editor

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