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Athlete of the Month

Senior Ashley Yoo was the leading scorer for the 2017 CIF Finals team.

AOTM: Ashley Yoo

January 24, 2018

Senior Samantha Blazek will continue playing soccer at the collegiate level for York University in Nebraska.

AOTM: Samantha Blazek

December 14, 2017

AOTM: Ariana Infante

AOTM: Ariana Infante

Emily Leung, Feature Editor, Business Manager

April 22, 2015

AOTM: Jeffrey Lin

AOTM: Jeffrey Lin

March 25, 2015

AOTM: Guy Horcasitas

Michelle Ki, Editor-in-Chief

February 26, 2015

Many high school soccer players dream of playing internationally. However, for senior Guy Horcasitas, he has already dribbled past opponents in Europe and looks to finish his senior year with finesse. Horcasita’s parents...

AOTM: Kenneth Thai

Nadia Lee, Staff Writer

January 28, 2015

Dribbling into his last semester of his high school career, senior Kenneth Thai is determined to finish in the paint strong without looking back. Thai currently plays for the Diamond Bar High School varsity boys basketball...

Athlete of the Month: Christian Manalo

Athlete of the Month: Christian Manalo

Hanna Kang, Opinion Editor

January 28, 2014

Athlete of the Month: Aaron Oh

Emily Wong, A&E Editor

December 11, 2013

With a plethora of extracurricular activities and a rigorous schedule, senior Aaron Oh seems to be a jack of all trades. He began his remarkable journey in the summer before freshman year when he decided to lose weight and...

Athlete of the Month: Tyler Brown

Gaby Dinh, Web Editor

November 15, 2013

Captain of the football team, senior running back Tyler Brown is no average football player. Brown has been on the varsity football team since his sophomore year and has continually led the Brahmas to success. Brown’s father...