The Bull's Eye

PRO: Endless opportunities for knowledge

Erin Li, Asst. Opinion Editor

September 12, 2018

As students begin developing clearer goals for their future, they might feel frustrated with the lack of career-oriented courses at Diamond Bar High School. Students should be more conscious of this problem and consider enrolling...

PRO/CON: Extra Classes

PRO/CON: Extra Classes

September 12, 2018

PRO/CON: Opioid Crisis

PRO/CON: Opioid Crisis

March 20, 2018

PRO/CON: GPS Tracking

PRO/CON: GPS Tracking

February 21, 2018

PRO/CON: Is Apple right to say no?

March 16, 2016

Should Apple give the FBI access to the shooter's iPhone?

PRO/CON Syrian refugees: Should the U.S. open its doors? (2015)

Emily Kim and Michelle Ki

December 16, 2015

Should the US open its doors? Vote below! PRO| Forced out of their own countries, Middle Eastern refugees have no choice but to turn to other countries to escape terrorism and homelessness. However, due to the attacks in Pari...

PRO/CON: Should We See the Cahsee Again?

Sophia Kim and Stuart Kusdono

November 18, 2015

Should the CAHSEE be necessary? Vote below! PRO| The California High School Exit Exam, a test that has often been considered a joke in the highly educated community of Diamond Bar, will be suspended until a replacement ...

PRO/CON Group projects: Cooperation of conflagration?

Amelie Lee and Gaby Dinh

October 14, 2015

What do you think of group projects? Vote below! PRO| With the looming expectations of college and the real world, every student is taught that they have to acquire certain academic and intellectual skills in order to be succ...