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The Taiwan Question: Part One

Josh Chou, Editor-In-Chief

October 25, 2020

Like a jigsaw puzzle that affects millions of lives, the Chinese Communist party is nearing completion of its plan to  subjugate all of its territorial claims. Tibet, Inner Mongolia and now Xinjiang are all more or less under its control, while Hong Kong lays crippled by Beijing’s infamous nationa...

A five hour day keeps the doctor away


Connor Cho, Asst. Business Manager

October 18, 2020

The current four-hour school day, a schedule designed to allow flexibility for both teachers and students, is dramatically shorter than what Brahmas are used to. While reducing class time may seem like an ineffective way to teach any curriculum, the benefits of such a schedule for students’ mental...

Notorious CMC: Ruth Bader Ginsburg tribute


Camille McCurry, Editor-In-Chief

October 17, 2020

When discussing national politics, it’s easy to forget the effect political affairs can have on our lives—despite concerns over Trump’s policies, few students have been directly impacted by them in the last four years. That’s why the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the libera...

Debate reveals candidate unfit for office

Photo Courtesy of MPR NEWS

Rachel Lee, Asst. Opinion Editor

October 17, 2020

If his handling of the pandemic and his response to the protests following the unjust death of George Floyd weren’t enough to demonstrate to the American public that he isn’t fit to lead the country, then President Trump’s conduct during the first presidential debate of the 2020 election certainly ...

Uighur camps exemplify mass ignorance

Photo Courtesy of BYLINE REVIEW

Josh Chou, Editor-In-Chief

October 17, 2020

Despite repeated verification from both satellite imagery and independent journalists, the purpose, and even existence of China’s “re-education” camps in Xinjiang for Uighur Muslims continues to be a point of near-childish contention. Mainland China’s bordering-on-obsession with self-image has reached new...

Eye of the Editors: Endorsing Joe Biden for president

October 17, 2020

  Though many 18-year-olds feel unprepared to vote, the presidential ballot this year presents an unprecedented threat to the wellbeing of both our nation’s democracy and the students of Diamond Bar High School. For those reasons, the editorial board of The Bull’s Eye is endorsing Joe Biden for ...

Selfishly Satirical: Conditional commitment


Lyndon Kaneko, Staff Writer

October 17, 2020

I’ve been craving face-to-face interaction and I think it’s about time I go out and get it. Sure, COVID-19 continues to infect people in California, but is that really my problem? If everyone had stayed indoors like I have for the past couple of months, then the spread would have been reduced...

Dress to kill the planet

Courtesy of RETHINK Retail

Somiya Jajieh, Asst. Feature Editor

October 17, 2020

From Brandy Melville to Forever 21, there’s an endless supply of fast fashion companies producing the newest clothing trends in mass quantities faster than ever. As tempting as it sounds to buy something new for a cheap price, the production of fast fashion is both unsustainable and unethical due to the detrim...

Innocuous inoculation


Sarah Cai

October 17, 2020

Camera Policies Do Not Infringe on Personal Privacy

Camera Policies Do Not Infringe on Personal Privacy

Rachel Lee, Asst. Opinion Editor

September 20, 2020

Everyone feels differently about how much of their private life they prefer to share with their peers; however, being required to show one’s face on camera is not a violation of student privacy. To make sure that students are on task and engaged during class, teachers need to be able to see that...