The Bull's Eye

Brahma filmmakers work with pros

Johnny Wang, Asst. Sports Editor

September 12, 2018

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Several current Brahmas and alumni were given the opportunity to intern with professionals at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts starting this summer. Digital productions teacher Mario Enriquez partnered with the Covina Center to g...

The World of Politics

September 12, 2018

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KYL REPLACES MCCAIN Former Republican senator Jon Kyl was sworn in on Sept. 5 as John McCain’s successor in Arizona’s newly vacant Senate seat. For now, he has only committed to serving until the next Congress begins in ...

Loera named instructional dean

Christina Liu, Asst. Web Editor

September 1, 2018


After working in education for over 20 years, Denise Loera has joined the Brahma team of instructional deans, taking charge of the Mathematics, Health and PE departments on campus. “I applied for it [dean position] because ...

Students head to Japan

Camille McCurry, Staff Writer

August 30, 2018

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Every summer for the past five years, Diamond Bar High School math teacher Shari DeCambra has taken a new group of students on journeys to places around the globe: Central America, Italy, Belize, Greece and Costa Rica. This sum...

Statement from STUcollab CEO leaves former co-workers with concerns

Amelie Lee, Editor-in-Chief

August 19, 2018


In response to the Bull’s Eye article published about STUcollab, junior Tony Xu issued a statement claiming he was given falsified material regarding the internships offered to students. In this statement, Xu said he received ...