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Ivy Service Tutoring donates proceeds to hospitals and front-line workers

Ivy Service Tutoring donates proceeds to hospitals and front-line workers

Marcus Hsieh, Asst. News Editor

August 3, 2020

To help alleviate the additional burden put on healthcare workers due to the ongoing pandemic, a group of Diamond Bar High School students started Ivy Service Tutoring, a club that donates all of its proceeds to local hospitals, clinics and charities. “A company called Ivymax recruited a group of students from di...

Petition by alumni garners student attention

Rachel Lee, Assistant Opinion Editor

August 2, 2020

The Justice for WVUSD booklet is a 34-page petition compiled by several Diamond Bar High School alumni focused on the reporting discrimination felt by students in the Walnut Valley Unified School District. It includes 10 pages of student grievances along with data analyses, potential policy refor...

Club reacts to closure

Club reacts to closure

Camille McCurry, Editor-In-Chief

July 31, 2020

Some of the fundamentals of an active club include regular meetings and activities. Without the ability to meet in-person, though, clubs all over campus are being forced to find creative workarounds to continue fulfilling their purposes. Some volunteer clubs are holding online events, allowing student...

Adjusting to online change

Somiya Jajieh, Asst. Feature Editor

July 30, 2020

With Diamond Bar High School beginning online classes in August, students and teachers alike are preparing themselves to adapt to distance learning. For rising senior Nancy Mofti, school closure has had a positive impact on her level of productivity, as she was given the chance to try new things a...

DBHS alumni petition reform

DBHS alumni petition reform

Rachel Lee, Asst. Opinion Editor

July 24, 2020

Motivated by recent petitions and protests sparked by the history of injustice toward minorities within the United States, Class of 2020 graduate Matthew Lioe has addressed racist, sexist and homophobic incidents that students report have occurred at the Walnut Valley Unified School District in a fo...

DBHS to open virtually

Marcus Hsieh, Asst. News Editor

July 21, 2020

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in California, especially in Los Angeles County, Diamond Bar High School will keep its doors closed for at least the first month of school, opting for a distance learning approach similar to the one integrated last school year.  In an email sent out July 15, Walnut Valley Un...

Celebrating a birthday isn’t like it used to be

Ryan Chan, Business Manager

July 15, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has sparked many unorthodox ways to mark birthdays due to the social distancing rules. Some students at Diamond Bar High School have started celebrating their birthdays via drive-by celebrations, Zoom calls and FaceTimes. Sophomore Andrew Garcia said he wasn’t expecting a large celeb...

Virtual summer school

Marcus Hsieh, Asst. News Editor

June 30, 2020

Diamond Bar High School will be student-free through the summer, but online virtual summer school, which is halfway to its conclusion, is allowing students an opportunity for academic enrichment. Unlike the distance learning program that took place during the second half of the school year,  students ...

Summer sees staff changes

Summer sees staff changes

Anika Yatawara, News Editor

June 22, 2020

Diamond Bar High School will be losing two  members of the administration this summer, marking a bittersweet end to the school year. Assistant Principal Matt Brummett will become principal of  Glendora High School while instructional dean Nicole Cabase will be transferring to the Walnut Valley Unified Sc...

Brahmas create project to assist medical professionals

Brahmas create project to assist medical professionals

Connor Cho, Asst. Business Manager

June 20, 2020

With the ongoing pandemic hospitalizing tens of thousands and putting a burden on doctors and nurses more than ever before, a shortage of masks and other personal protective equipment for healthcare workers has been an added stress. To help combat this issue, four Diamond Bar High School juniors created...