Swim season finishes with a splash

As a result of much hard work and determination, this year’s Diamond Bar High School swim season ended successfully, with many players advancing into CIF.

Throughout the season, the DBHS swim team’s strong foundation of great swimmers from outside clubs like Brea Aquatics and Trident resulted in decisive wins against South Hills, Los Altos, Wilson and Rowland. In addition to the skill of experienced swimmers, the talents and work ethics of new swimmers made it apparent that the season would be great.

To prepare the new members for upcoming swim events, the coach worked with the team for two hours daily. By the end of the season, the team could easily do 6000 yards.

“The swimmers felt the heat at first. But as the season continued, they just got faster and stronger each day,” head coach Monique Tahuari said. “I was shocked at how many of our swimmers went from never competing in the pool, other than a chicken fight, to destroying other teams.” 

The highlight of the season was a clear victory against their rivals, Walnut, with a score of 105-65 for the boys. 

Unfortunately,the girls faced tough losses with scores of 105-65. However, the team didn’t let this setback consume them, excelling and winning a variety of titles and championships. 

“Some notable victories we had was winning league, having Charles Tam win the league MVP, taking a bunch of swimmers to CIF and the finals as well as getting to watch a pool of athletes get better and better each day,” Tahauri said.

Additionally, both the boys and girls qualified and placed in League Finals, with a few moving on to the state championships. 

“Some of our girls such as Kirsten Boyle and Maegan Chow destroyed the competition,” Tahuari said. “Also Charles Tam [won] both his individual events alongside Jacky He.” Even with great individual swimmers, the team still has a lot to improve upon.

 “Everyone still has something to work on, but the most important thing would be to grow a better foundation as a team,” freshmen Scott Matsumoto said. “Even though we have incredible swimmers, there are only a few of them so we need more people to step up and score points.”     

As the season ends, the team is looking to improve their game by improving strength, endurance and technique for the next season. 

“We will be hosting two summer swim camps this year, and we invite all Brahmas and future Brahmas to join us,” Tahauri said.