Powerwing soars to new heights


Combining both his passions for athletics and athleisure, Diamond Bar High School junior Beck Zhang has managed to successfully emerge in the world of business, founding his own clothing brand, POWERWING.

Outside of his activities with the company, Zhang is a star wrestler representing DBHS, earning this year’s league champion title. He has been wrestling for two years and recently placed ninth for CIF Wrestling.

“Right now, I’m bodybuilding, but while I was powerlifting in the past, I hit the gym five times a week,” Zhang said. “My previous personal records at the gym were 415 pounds in squatting, 270 pounds in benching and 585 pounds of deadlifting.”

POWERWING was founded last July by both Zhang—acting as CEO—and his Chief Financial Officer, junior Aaron Tsai. Along with juniors Juno Kuk and Lewei He, the group has managed to develop their business into a brand spanning multiple continents.

“Though I use Adobe’s software programs to create the designs of the clothes myself, we send the prints over to our manufacturers in Pakistan and China to get them out to people,” Zhang said via Instagram. “I originally wanted to start a gym-wear brand, and now I prioritize my time on POWERWING whenever I can.”

Zhang and his group employ various strategies to get their popularity across, including affiliate and influencer marketing. Through these methods, they have increased the exposure of their brand name to the outside world by utilizing their connections, proven effective by several pseudo-influencer DBHS students.

POWERWING has established an official Instagram page garnering over 10,000 followers, as well as a TikTok channel and website where customers can easily browse their products. The company’s products include their Airborne, Warrior and Raven tees, as well as hoodies and crews in navy-blue, black, white and many beige variations. Though these clothes are available for purchase on their website, POWERWING’s ambassadors and sponsored athletes are offered free or discounted merch. 

“We post lots of our highlighted products on social media, and in the future, we are going to be hosting several giveaways through our pages,” Zhang said. 

Through these various means, he plans to continue expanding his company and increase the range of their activities both in person and online. 

“In the future, I want POWERWING to be able to compete with other large activewear companies such as YoungLA and GymShark,” Zhang said.