Tiktok food trends


Despite the increased popularity of dancing and comedy content, food Tiktok trends have yet to be removed from their pedestal of motivating people with DIY easy recipes. Here are the few that have been trending recently:


Emily Mariko- Tik Tok Salmon Rice Trend

Going from 100k to almost 5 million followers in one month on TikTok, Youtube vlogger Emily Mariko has recently garnered public attention from her viral video of making

salmon rice. The dish itself includes smashed, cooked salmon, which you mix thoroughly with microwaved rice. In her video, Mariko presents a rice-cooking trick by putting an ice cube in the center before placing it in the microwave to get quick, easy steamed rice. The dish is then topped with soy sauce, Sriracha and Japanese mayo, which is complemented with a side of avocado and seaweed. Overall, the simplicity and tastiness of this dish is what makes it the ideal spotlight of food TikTok.



Mochi Ice Cream Hacks

The delightful taste and texture of Japanese mochi is what makes it a fan favorite amongst many. This easy mochi-making trend only includes two ingredients: ice cream and glutinous rice flour. All you have to do is melt the ice cream then pour in glutinous rice flour, while kneading, to watch the mochi slowly solidify. Afterward, many put ice cream in the center of their mochi, but some enjoy eating it alone without filling.






Dalgona candy:

Though recently popularized worldwide due to the hit Netflix series, “Squid Game,” dalgona candy has been a common street food in South Korea for decades. The TikTok “Dalgona Challenge” involves making this treat at home and attempting to cut out the imprinted shape perfectly, similar to the characters in “Squid Game.”  Traditionally, if the player succeeds in cutting out the candy without breaking the shape, the vendor will give them the candy for free. When making dalgona candy, granulated sugar is melted in a ladle until amber. Then, a small amount of baking soda is mixed in, causing the mixture to bubble and fizz. To finish it off, the sugar is poured onto parchment paper, pressed down with a flat surface and imprinted slightly with a metal cookie cutter. Players will then attempt to cut out the shape, often using a needle, without cracking the candy.

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Homemade boba:

Originating in Taiwan, boba drinks have quickly made their way to America, becoming more and more mainstream in American diets every year. Due to COVID-19, many TikTok users could no longer visit their favorite boba shops, so they took to TikTok to document their boba-making journeys. In order to make the tapioca pearls, hot water is kneaded with tapioca starch to form a dough. After rolling the dough into small balls, the pearls are boiled, until they float, then drained. The boba pearls are then mixed in a brown sugar syrup and ready to be added to any drink of choice, with common options being classic milk tea or matcha lattes.


Instant ramen hacks:

A staple in the diets of many college students, instant ramen hacks have taken TikTok by storm. Many of the trends use international brands, such as Indonesia’s Indomie Instant Noodles or South Korea’s Shin Ramyun and Chapagetti, adding different sauces to heighten their taste. One notable hack that upgrades your basic bowl is the “mayo ramen.” This utilizes the unique flavor of Japanese Kewpie mayo—a lighter, sweeter version of the American variety. To participate in the trend, TikTok users mix a tablespoon of kewpie mayo, an egg, ramen seasoning packets and minced garlic before adding in the boiled noodles with a bit of water. The result is a creamy, rich broth- a definite upgrade from the basic package.