Spring 2021 trends


With warmer weather and Easter around the corner, it’s time to leave behind the winter bundle you’ve grown used to. This year’s  hottest spring season trends are guaranteed to break you out of dull winter palettes and into a bold world of color.

To start off, trade your thick winter hoodies for a pastel, cropped cardigan. Thinner tops are ideal for the warmer temperatures that are soon to follow. The theme of spring is perfectly accentuated in the soft and clean pastels and patterns these tops come in– olive green and lavender purple being key examples. This versatile piece can be worn with a few buttons left undone for a more stylish look, or with a simple crop top underneath. They provide an extra layer, all without taking away from torso-friendly knit sweaters.

If you’re searching for bottoms, look no further than a typical pair of loose-fitted, high-waisted pants. With the more revealing tops that come with the spring weather, high-waisted pants are a no-brainer. These bottoms will elongate your legs and accentuate your waistline, making it the perfect spring moodboard outfit.  Clashing color combinations of your liking will also give a sense of individuality–for example, pairing earthy-colored trousers with a bolder-colored checkered vest. For a more masculine spin, pair some loose, beige-colored pants with a knitted vest over an oversized blank t-shirt. An edgier take may consist of an oversized vintage tee and simple work pants, topped off with a leather jacket or a windbreaker with contemporary colors and designs.

One cannot go wrong with a comfortable pair of fashionable shoes. Dad sneakers have been all the rage these last two years, and there’s nothing like a pair of sturdy Adidas Falcons or New Balance 900V5s to complete your outfit. Not only are these shoes comfortable, but the casual-chic look that they offer allows them to be paired with a variety of different outfits, from a business casual  look composed of dress pants and a fitted blazer to cozier at-home gym attire consisting of hoodies and sweatpants.

Accessories are a great way to enhance your look and incorporate a fun element.  Put on some unconventional clay rings, that have been popular all over social media, to add a pop of color. The abstract shapes of these embellishments will add a quirky touch to your springtime look.  Nice days at the beach and a Covid-safe group gathering have one particular thing in common–a stylish outfit inclusion of bucket hats. For a final addition, don’t forget a bold, floral print mask before you leave the house to stay safe but fashionable.