Senior Column: Johnny Wang

Well, well, well, the time comes where a student leaves the den from which they were raised in. Here I am, at the end of my high school career and looking back into the many decisions I made to arrive where I am now. One of these choices has completely morphed my experience at Diamond Bar High School, and that was joining the Bull’s Eye. 

Coming into my interview for becoming a staff member of the Bull’s Eye, I was nervous for the reason that I wouldn’t make it. I always thought the Bull’s Eye would be a cut-throat club with only the best of the best. However, a week later, I was admitted into the staff and it completely changed my ignorant thoughts. 

Lying here in room 563 on the side of the English building was not a grave group of workaholics but instead a jolly group of struggling students. Not only did they change the way I think about things like sports or other subjects, but they also planted a tree of knowledge in my barren mind. They taught me how to have fun during stressful situations and how to use practical applications for the paper. They not only made school so much more enjoyable but these special people also made going home not as satisfying as before. 

Joining journalism has been one of my best decisions I’ve made in my high school career. From meeting the legendary Mr. List and the staff to typing stories desperately at the last minute, each moment in the Bull’s Eye has been absolutely a blast. I’ll miss the deadline nights, the many events we attended, and even the time spent during lunch working on the papers. Fiddling with In-design always was a great source to take my mind off the tough academic situations I have gone through. 

Thank you Diamond Bar, for giving me the opportunity to meet amazing people. From the staff to the students, the environment of DBHS has been undoubtedly lovely; I am grateful for everything about DBHS. Thank you Mr. List, for taking me into the Bull’s Eye, even though you knew my many faults from seeing my behavior in Journalism 1. Though my senior year doesn’t show it, I am grateful for being in your company because I’ve learned and laughed a countless number of times. Thank you TBWR, friends, and those in the past and current Bull’s Eye staff, each moment spent with you guys has been unforgettable; I truly cherish our relationship.

Every moment spent in high school will never be forgotten. From the bottom of my heart, I love the Bull’s Eye, my teachers, and my friends. Thank you for making my high school experience the very best experience of my life. Signing out, JW.