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Cafe showdown

Cafes have become a  peaceful destination for students trying to finish a homework assignment or preparing for an exam. Here is a sample of what some  popular local cafes have to offer, both as a study environment and a place to consume coffee.



Walking into Dripp, I felt as if I was in a relaxing study environment. Soft music plays in the background, and there are provide  lockers on the walls to store personal belongings such as your bags and laptop. The shop offers free Wifi that was easy to access. The shop is two stories, giving one the option to study upstairs.
“I prefer Dripp over Starbucks because Starbucks is too loud, and it is always cold in Starbucks,” West Coast University student Chezalyn Naguit said.
When I went, it was not very crowded, and I was immediately able to place my order. The cafe has a good number  of drinks on the menu, with different types of coffee and  tea.  I ordered their Mocha for $6.66, which was not worth the money, as it was very bitter and unsatisfying.  Despite the ideal studying atmosphere at Dripp, I wouldn’t go back because of their overpriced and limited assortment of drinks, sizes and flavors. 

Canabru coffee

I felt a calm and peaceful ambiance when I walked into Canabru Coffee. There were many  people studying inside, and because it was crowded, I waited in line for about three minutes before I was able to place my order. 
Unlike Dripp, Canabru has a variety of cup sizes and coffee flavors like caramel, peppermint and pumpkin spice. I decided to order their caramel macchiato for  $5.29.
One Cal State Fullerton student has found a second home at Canabru.
“If I do my homework at home, then I fall asleep. So I come here all the time and I know all of the workers now so it’s kind of like a community feeling, that why I like it,” Alyssa Barron said. 
When I received my beverage, the sweet drink had the perfect balance of caramel and coffee and was delicious to sip on while studying. The lighting in the store borders on dim, adding to the cozy atmosphere, but there is enough light to work on your homework or laptop. 
The shop has very comfortable seating options such as couches, stools and even a swinging chair. There is also strong WiFi accessible by just signing in with your email. 
Next time I’m looking for a study nook, I will  return to Canabru Coffee because of the high quality coffee and the coziness of the cafe.

It's a grind

Compared to the other shops that I visited, It’s a Grind did not offer  the best study environment, as the majority of guests were chatting more than they were actually working. Furthermore, the seating options are not as comfortable as the other cafes. 
The amount of tables and chairs are extremely limited in the cafe’s small space and can easily fill up. Outlets are hard to access because most of the seating options are in the middle of the room rather than next to the outlets on the wall.
However, the store has an actual fireplace which created a more homey atmosphere than the other cafes. 
The restaurant also had numerous drink options and sizes to choose from. I ordered a small caramel latte for the reasonable price of  $4, which was flavorful.
“I feel like [at] It’s A Grind, the employees are nicer than the employees at other coffee shops,” said Nora Hu, a college graduate studying for an exam. “You also don’t have to worry about leaving your stuff at the table when you are here if you have to get up and go to the restroom or whatnot. At a place like Starbucks, I don’t feel comfortable doing things [like] that.” Overall, It’s A Grind had quality coffee, but the study environment didn’t compare to the other cafes.

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