Young roster’s season ends in CIF first round

GIRLS TENNIS Lady Brahmas form closer bonds, improving their overall team chemistry.

After placing second in the Mt. Baldy League, the Diamond Bar High School girls tennis team earned a CIF playoff spot, but lost in the first round, ending the season with an overall record of 11-5.

The girls competed against Santiago High School in Corona in the first round of Division II CIF but lost to the Sharks 15-3.

In the Mt. Baldy League, the girls placed second, ending the season with a league record of 8-2.

“Even though we lost, I think we all had a great time,” senior Jacqueline Chen said. “We were just all encouraging each other and every single teammate came up to the every person and encouraged them and cheered them on.”

Of the players who played at league, doubles partners juniors Kelly Tsao and Elizabeth Peng and sophomore Levia Zhu and Chen will move on to CIF Individuals. Singles player senior Ellie Delano will also compete.

The girls have managed to pull through this season successfully with the absence of their head coach Alexis Feix.

However, the Lady Brahmas felt like their endurance suffered slightly in her absence, as Feix had emphasized conditioning.

“With our coach, there we used to do more conditioning and more running, but without her we got a lot more playtime and that both good and bad because without her I think that our stamina kind of decreased but with her I think we were all just exhausted,” Chen said.

Despite Felix’s temporary leave, the team successfully managed to gradually strengthen their team bonding throughout the season.

“Our team work has been really great even without our head coach.” Zhu said. “Like every single match before we start we cheer and we’re always loud or always try to be louder than the other team.”

The athletes have also worked together on predicting each other’s moves for doubles and their opponent’s moves for singles.  

“We all improved a lot on our connection with our partner in doubles and reading the opponent’s next move, like we would know where she would hit the ball next and move to that place before she even knew it.” Chen said.

With only three seniors on varsity, Chen, Delano and Megan Young, the girls have adjusted to succeeding after their departure.

“I think we really helped letting the rest of the team handling things like picking up balls or even getting the water so they know what to do when we’re gone,” Chen said. “But with just three seniors leaving I think we will still have a really strong team next year.”