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Tune in: Eyes on You

March 20, 2018

A well-balanced mix of smooth beats alongside exciting tunes perfectly describes the new album from the seven-member K-Pop boy group GOT7. The release of its  eighth studio album, “Eyes on You,” brings with it some of the best songs that GOT7 has produced.

The boys have charted higher than ever on the Korean charts, peaking at No. 6 on Melon, one of Korea’s most popular streaming music charts. The album sold 53,944 physical copies on the first day of its release, then doubling that by the third day.

This album follows the same refreshing musical vein as their previous mini album released in October 2017, “7 for 7.” The lighter tones and acoustic songs have been a turn around from the hard-hitting songs that the group has been known for Although the album is rather short at six songs, each one contains a meaningful message from the members to the listeners.

“Eyes on You” is the second album that has been entirely self-produced by the members, with the leader JB composing and writing the lyrics for the title track. “Look” has an uplifting sound that carries over from their previous album. However, there is a more distinctive electronic EDM influence laced in.

JB also participated in the lyric writing for the opening song, “One and Only You,” which is the first time the group has collaborated with an outside artist. The smooth vocals of soloist and former Sistar member Hyolyn match perfectly with the off-kilter beats that pervade the song. It is made for  dancing around to, either alone in your room or with your friends.

The album slows down with BamBam’s mid tempo song “Reason.” The song is dedicated to a loved one who is the reason for his happy and bright days. “Hesitate,” composed by Youngjae, is another slow song, but rather than expressing the joy of being in a relationship, the lyrics show a different side of love—one full of hesitation and longing. The slower tempo rises and falls as the song switches between smooth melodies and strong rap.

“Us” picks up the pace with a tropical-house infused blend coupled with honeyed voices. While the rhythm is faster than the preceding tracks, the song still stays in the same line of smooth and steady beats.

The final, and my favorite, track of the album, “Thank You,” focuses on a mainly acoustic sound with small hints of synth throughout the song. Stripped back, the vocals and the lyrics are the main star in this track. The poetic lyrics coupled with the emotion filled voices of the members make it an excellent choice to  close the album, and acts as a thank you to the fans for their continuous support.

The lyrics are what really stand out in their latest released album. The careful consideration of word choice is clear in the impact that the lyrics have. I felt as though every song conveys a message to the listener, whether they are a fan of the group or not. This album is a fresh look where  members of GOT7 are today.

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