This Year in Marching Band

Even after losing 100 seniors, The Thundering Herd has shattered expectations and risen to the challenge of performing well in competitions.

Diamond Bar High School Thundering Herd still hasn’t missed a beat when facing  some of the best marching bands in Southern California.  

This last Saturday, they competed in the King Band Review where took sweepstakes— taking first place. Earlier in the season, the Thundering Herd showed the same consistency winning the Route 66, Los Angeles County Fair, Placentia Band Review, a competition they struggled with last year, as well as Loara Band and Color Guard Review.  

“With the loss of 100 seniors we thought this was going to be a rebuilding year for us because the group is younger, but they worked very hard during the summer to improve from last year.  With that, we got ahead,” band director Steve Acciani said.

Thundering Herd practices Tuesday and Thursdays during the school year to maintain the progress they made over the summer.

“We’ve been pushing to be even greater than our previous year. Our goal is to always build on where the program left off on the previous year, and continue to get better,” sophomore Joshua Panduro said.  

The group is focused on maintaining consistency, making sure that every part of the performance is at its best.  Since the group is so young, they still have “good days and bad days,” but Acciani hopes to see the students strive for the best.

“All of them stand out to me, the great thing about marching band is it’s not about one person,” Acciani said.  “Our competitions are won by two tenths of a point which means nobody stands out, we all work together.”

To achieve top scores, the band needs to be as synchronized as possible in multiple areas– they must play, march and look the same, including wearing the same uniform and the boys not having their hair too long.

“One of our goals is to get as close as we can to perfection as possible,” Acciani said. “The group is so talented that we have a chance to be close to perfect as perfect gets.  That means,  one day they will be able play their instruments so good and their marching will improve so much that they can compete with anybody.”

The Thundering Herd will participate in their final competition, the Arcadia Band Review, this Saturday.