Anything can happen during a news broadcast, even a bird landing on a reporter’s head. San Diego station KFMB morning news co-host Nichelle Medina winged it when a 10-year-old scarlet ibis flew in during her report on the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Medina joked, saying the bird gave her a nice scalp massage.


A group of female Oaxaca activists have decided to tie the knot with trees to raise awareness for illegal logging. Tree bride Dolores Leycigi told Ruptly, a news agency, that the ceremony was meant to emphasize the stake of Earth’s future. The marriages are not legally binding but do require a serious pledge.


Officials and patients at John Muir Health Center Hospital in Concord have complained about aggressive wild turkeys that scratch their cars, block their entrances and pick fights with people in the parking lot. Although John Muir officials want to resolve the conflict, local residents argue that these turkeys are like family.