Tiffany Lee and Grace Lee, Asst. Photo Editor and Asst. Opinion Editor

When people mention Asian cuisine, a few prominent favorites top the list, with Korean BBQ at the head. Korean BBQ, where customers cook meat on a grill built into the table, has grown in popularity due to the variety of dishes and flavors it offers, resulting in numerous restaurants dedicated to KBBQ opening in the area. Among those that we tried out were Gen, Thirsty Cow, BBQ Stop and Wang Cho.

With its modern and welcoming atmosphere, Wang Cho is a restaurant you can enjoy with friends and family. Although the restaurant was on the pricier side, costing $20.99 per person, the whole experience and high quality of meat made it well worth the price.

The restaurant was all you can eat, but didn’t provide sides with their meals.  

Unlike other all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurants I visited, Wang Cho marinated different types of meat in different styles,  but the marinated meat was too sweet for my taste. Although the texture of the meat was very soft, the sweetness was a little overpowering.

Although we had four plates of different types of meat, we had to keep calling for more because of the small portion sizes.

The service was great, with a warm environment that enticed you to eat more. With the two hours given, my friend and I had a great time and was satisfied with our meal.

Although BBQ Stop provided great service, its poor meat quality fell short of my expectations and I left the restaurant disappointed.

My family and I went to BBQ Stop on a early Saturday morning and were greeted by a server who immediately sat us down. We ordered the option B menu, which costed $22.99 per person.

My brother and I quickly found our favorite dish, the marinated sliced beef ribs and rib finger meat. It was very chewy and tender, and it stood out as the highlight of our meal.Beside from the sliced beef ribs and rib finger meat, the other dishes, such as the thin sliced brisket, were mediocre and lacked originality because of their similar quality to many other KBBQ restaurants.

Despite its quick service and a few excellent dishes, the overall poor meat quality will make me and my family think twice before coming back here again.


Even though Gen Korean BBQ House offers unique fusion dishes, the quality and taste of the dishes discouraged me from returning to the restaurant in the future. The price of dinner is $21.99 per person, perfect for ordering dishes such as bulgogi and marinated pork belly to your heart’s desire for two hours.

Despite arriving on a busy Saturday night, my two family members and I were seated right away. While the serving sizes were small, the waiters  checked up on us frequently so our grill was almost always covered with a variety of meat. What set Gen apart was the subtle sweetness that the meat had, unlike the normal savory taste in traditional Korean BBQ restaurants.

It was nice to taste something new, but the meat was tough and the plain side dishes did not compliment the main dishes well. Gen did have a few great aspects, such as amazing service and an affordable price, but since its dishes weren’t so appetizing, I will not be returning any time soon.

With its friendly staff and mouthwatering dishes, Thirsty Cow instantly became one of my favorite restaurants. Although it was a Thursday evening, the restaurant was already filled with hungry customers, and we had to wait 30 minutes before we were seated. However, the wait was definitely worth it.

The highlight of this restaurant was its flavorful meats, which are marinated with rich sauce that paired with the fresh side dishes well. The portions were large enough that although the servers didn’t check up on us too frequently, we could enjoy a full grill without having to call a staff member to order more dishes.

The price was $22.98 per person, which was definitely worth the meal. The friendly ambiance and menu worth waiting in line for all convinced me that Thirsty Cow would be my go-to Korean BBQ restaurant.