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October newsbits


Train fares are expensive, and people will do anything to avoid paying them. On Saturday, September 23, a 23-year-old man was seen clinging to a train’s rear windshield for about four minutes. But his joyride came to an end when a railroad employee phoned the Public Transit Authority. However, the stunt earned him worldwide fame, as the video of his actions went viral.


Apparently, Coca-Cola bottles are not only good for drinking. An armed man dressed as a large soft drink was caught on security camera in the middle of robbing a Rally’s restaurant. The manager was working overtime when the life-size soda barged in with a gun. The thief left with $500 in his pocket and is still on the loose.


Robbers don’t always lack good manners, as one Hicksville thief seems intent on proving. The man was caught on tape hammering open the cash register of a restaurant and removing its contents. However, while in the restaurant, he also cooked himself a meal of chicken, beans and shrimp. After chowing down, he refrigerated his leftovers, cleaned surfaces and placed a dollar bill in the tip jar.


It seems that you can, in fact, have too much of sugar and spice and everything nice, at least if your spice is of a pumpkin variety. Five people were hospitalized and a Baltimore high school was evacuated last Thursday because of a plug-in air freshener bearing the sweet scent. The city hazmat department investigated Cristo Rey Jesuit High School before declaring the school safe.


A grandpa well into his 80s played the role of hero when he climbed onto his roof and threw an intruder into the hands of waiting police. The trespasser, who had been jumping over other houses’ roofs, caused police to gather in front of a house in La Puente. Wilford Burgess, 83, tired of waiting, retrieved a neighbor’s ladder and took matters into his own hands by pushing the suspect off by himself.

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