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Haunting Halloween Films

As October rolls around, and colder weather with it, you finally have an excuse to stay home at night and watch movies. Here are four that will keep you on the edge of your seat this Halloween.

Jillian Lunsford, Contributing Writer


A quaint colonial town is surrounded by a dark forest filled with creatures that terrify the to

wnspeople. These creatures are only referred to as “those who we don’t speak of,” and they will kill anyone who gets close enough.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, this movie is an intense psychological thriller. The monsters are created with such attention to detail that they seem very real. And don’t forget your tissues because even though this film is brimming throughout with terror, “The Village” has its tear jerking moments. The movie has a cute romance and well-rounded characters capable of drawing sympathy from the audience that will leave viewers with a mix of emotions that they will have a difficult time deciphering. 



Sarah (Robin Tunney) joins a coven of teenage witches who attend her Catholic school. After a minor spell creates terrible consequences, the witches abuse Sarah’s newfound power to take revenge on their enemies.

There are no montages of blood and gore, but this movie isn’t for the faint of heart. Twisted illusions of snakes and vermin haunt the protagonist’s mind, while at other points there are sequences that will leave you feeling overwhelmed. Although this film has all the trademarks of horror, it is more about how power corrupts.

All three of the witches have lives which leave them craving control – and when they get it, they can’t handle it. “The Craft” is a good Halloween movie to make you feel chilled to the core.



Coraline Jones’s parents don’t seem to care about her. It takes a sinister encounter with a creature who calls herself “The Other Mother” to make her realize that she’s got it all wrong.

Based on the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and made with stop-motion animation, this movie will thoroughly creep you out. The illusion of “The Other Mother” is terrifying, because it initially presents itself as a child’s fantasy – a perfect family, with perfect toys, perfect food, and more.

The illusion soon shatters, leaving the audience with the sinister truth behind a “dream come true.” Although created for children, this movie will haunt even the adults in your family. 



In “The Omen,” Ambassador Robert Thorn adopts an orphaned infant when the child his wife delivers is stillborn. Their family is sweet and idyllic, until people around the child start to die horribly.

Filled with unholy, macabre, and apocalyptic undertones, this movie is a horror classic. Robert Thorn is played by Gregory Peck, a major star of 20th Century in such films as who starred in films from “12 O’ Clock High” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

The movie’s score is outstanding, with the music slowly building up every dramatic scene. Although the film was followed by a number of sequels, all with equally gory deaths, the original is by far the best.


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