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Eye of the Editors: Restroom

RESTROOMS: The current system of teachers handing out limited restroom passes that can be exchanged for extra credit provides a negative incentive for students to gain points.

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Restrooms. Every human being needs them at some point, including Diamond Bar High School students. Going to the restroom is not a choice, so it is natural that the urge visits students during classes.

However, after some students have abused this so-called “privilege” of leaving class to go to the restroom, many teachers have incorporated a system with “bathroom” passes, usually offering extra credit for every unused pass.

When a grade is on the line, many students are reluctant to give up the free points, no matter how dire their bladder situation may be.

The idea of academic grades being tied to a student’s natural bodily function is illogical. This has no correlation to academics, therefore students should be neither awarded nor punished for going to the restroom.

Indeed, it deters students from constantly using the restroom, but it also leaves students in physical discomfort in class, serving as an even larger distraction as opposed to simply taking a short trip to the restroom. These extra credit passes are also largely unfair, as not all teachers offer it. Students in different classes are left out of the advantage.

Students should be allowed to use  the restroom and be responsible for their own consequences from missed class time. If a student consistently uses the restroom to the extent of concern, then it should be the teacher’s responsibility to discuss that with the student.

In addition to this natural need, girls also face the issue of periods. In this situation, a short trip to the restroom simply cannot wait. The issue is that many are still willing to even sit through an emergency like an unexpected period for the sake of extra credit.

Constantly worrying about the next chance to go to the restroom is not a pleasant feeling. Passing periods are a hit or miss— if a long walk is required to get to the next class, there is absolutely no way for students to visit the restroom without being tardy. This leaves students no option but to push through another hour in class with a full bladder.

Instead of a pass, having students record their trips to the restroom can be a more efficient, pain-free solution. It keeps track of how long the students are gone and how often, giving teachers a clear view of any suspicious activity.

Though these passes only offer a small amount of points, they are enough to push teetering borderline grades over to the next grade up.

When a student’s capability of enduring through a full bladder has the potential to make or break his or her grades, it is time to rethink the system.

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Eye of the Editors: Restroom