The Bull's Eye

DBHS Survival Guide

Amelie Lee, Asst. Feature Editor

Rife with competition, high levels of stress and disappointments, many students find that Diamond Bar High School is not exactly the happiest place to be. From a student who has earned her own excessive share of failures, here are some tips to navigate through your four years at DBHS.

At Diamond Bar High School, we have an alarming number of students going to Ivy Leagues every year, national level athletes and students taking 9 AP classes. These are the students who sit next to you in math and get upset about a 95%. If you find yourself comparing yourself to them, you’ve fallen into the trap. It might be tempting to compare all your embarrassments and failures to their successes, but the truth is, that will just decimate your self esteem. Beat your own high score and set your own personal goals on what you can achieve — not what anyone else accomplishes.

School isn’t all that fun, and it’s understandable to dread waking up every morning. In the monotonous routine of school life, try to find one singular thing you enjoy and care about. Whether you adore building machinery in robotics or love popping and locking with Dance Team, find one thing at Diamond Bar High that you look forward to every day. Having a passion for anything at all makes it more bearable to make your way to school every morning.

Most students here take pride in the unhealthy amount of time they spend doing homework during the night, and how they spend their entire afternoon napping just to do it again. Napping for an arbitrary amount of time after school leads to hours upon hours wasted in your bed. However, a power nap, aka a quick 20 minute doze, can refresh you without wasting a lot of time. If you’re pulling an all-nighter, a power nap right after school or after midnight can relieve stress and gives a brief moment of relaxation. While not ideal, it’s better than getting no sleep at all, and should be utilized by every student finding themselves constantly falling asleep in class.

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