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Elizabeth Peng and Grace Lee, Contributing Writers

A crackling bonfire glistening with warm fall tones is sure to provide comfort and warmth during the chilly month of October. Grab some blankets, apple cider and s’mores ingredients, then head outside to the backyard for a Halloween-themed fall bonfire. Get cozy with soft blankets bundled around you, eating the delicious s’mores and watching the crackling fire illuminate the night. As a simple yet spooky activity, kindling a bonfire will provide a fulfilling Halloween experience, depicting that spending time with family and friends next to a bonfire can be just as exhilarating as going out.

If you’re looking for a truly frightening haunted house, pay a visit to The 17th Door haunted house in Fullerton. Set in the fictitious prison eerily named the Perpetuum Penitentiary, visitors have to avoid the erratic residents of the prison. Creatures in the prison challenge participants to puzzling tasks that must be completed to advance to the next room. However, the venue established a safety word, “mercy,” in case participants want to skip the room out of fear. Deemed as a terrifying activity not recommended for people ages 16 and below, the haunted house provides a wonderful opportunity to experience a fictional horror movie.

One way to spend  your Halloween is by creating your own scavenger hunt.  For this activity, you can opt to search for clues individually or with a group of friends. The scavenger hunt can be hosted at a variety of venues, ranging from a friend’s house to parks around your community. In your map, you can plant puzzling clues in interesting and unexpected places, such as in a hidden corner or a dark crevice. This activity provides an opportunity to embark on a unique adventure when traveling from one frightening location to the next.

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