Now’s your chance, girls

Angela Yang, Contributing Writer

Yet another school dance is coming up, but this time around, the tables have turned. Girls, the moment has come to finally break out of that old societal mold, take the initiative, and ask out that special someone to Diamond Bar High School’s Sadie Hawkins dance. Whoever it is you plan to take, be sure to make them feel extra special by employing some of these ideas to create an adorable dance proposal.

A substantial portion of the school is involved in either band or orchestra. If your guy is into music, try surprising him with a pun. Tell him that you plan to “orchestrate” a great time at the dance, or that he definitely won’t regret “band-ing” together with you.

But don’t worry if that’s not your forté. Another simple way to ask the question is via song lyrics. If you know he has a favorite song or artist, find some suitable lyrics to form your question, and sing your proposal or place them on a poster.

Thinking about asking a sports fan? Last year, DBHS senior Janelle Cristales scored her date to Sadie’s by incorporating his favorite sports teams onto a huge poster proposal. She utilized the names of the Los Angeles Angels and the Pittsburgh Steelers to form the question, “Will you be an Angel and let me STEEL you to Sadies?”

If you and your potential date share a common interest, use it to your advantage and organize a more personalized proposal.

Freshman golfer Kailie Vongsaga will be attending her first Sadie’s this year, and has someone in mind she is hoping to bring to the dance. She plans to ask a member of the varsity golf team by using a method that makes the proposal relatable to both of them.

“I’m going to go out on the putting practice green and get a lot of golf balls to write out “SADIES?” Vongsaga said. “Then I’ll put a sign on 2 holes that says “yes” or “no” and the guy that I’ll be asking will have to putt a ball into one of the holes to answer.”

If you’re planning to ask out somebody who loves to read, get  creative by letting him figure out the proposal for himself.

If he happens to be obsessed with a novel, lay out a list of fill-in-the-blank trivia questions regarding favorite books or series on a poster, with each missing word of a blank contributing to the composition of the end result–your Sadie’s proposal.

Of course, there are countless other ways to formulate a great and original proposal. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and go get that date.