November News Bits


In an attempt to beef up security, a car scrapyard owner in Spain purchased two fighting bulls to protect his land. Following a series of seven break-ins since summer began, Emilio Cerveró decided to replace his guard dogs with the bulls, since burglars could easily lure his dogs off the property. While the stolen goods were not expensive, the raids were an inconvenience and cost Cerveró the lives of four of his dogs.


What seemed to be a simple car theft in Portland, Oregon, turned out to be more than a simple heist and run. Erin Hatzi saw an unnamed woman taking off in her red Subaru and immediately called the police. However, another woman soon returned the car along with an apology note and money to pay for gas. The woman had asked her friend to pick up her Subaru as a favor and had not realized that her friend had taken the wrong car.


In Moscow, one couple decided to use a bear in lieu of a minister when getting married. The couple invited Stepan, a local brown bear known for his friendliness, to their wedding. He witnessed the couple’s exchange of vows and played the role of registrar. Afterwards, the three had a photoshoot.


The main roadblock of a street in Portland, Maine was arrested for blocking traffic. After ignoring officers who warned him to desist, Asher Woodworth, dressed as a tree, was arrested for standing in the middle of a street and blocking cars. According to a friend of his, Woodworth was attempting to study Maine’s traffic patterns while covered in evergreen branches.


Actors in Philadelphia have been dressing up as the Grim Reaper and other undead creatures in order to encourage pedestrians to “Look Alive.” The costumed individuals look to try and get passerby off their phones in order to reduce the number of fatal automobile casualties, which has been increasing since 2009.