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Eye of the Editors: The Bull’s Eye endorsement

The Bull’s Eye endorses presidential candidate Hillary Clinton due to her policies surrounding education.

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The Bull’s Eye editorial board is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president because of her policies on the issues of education and immigration, those which directly affect students.

The staff views Clinton to be the most experienced candidate, having served as secretary of state, first lady of Arkansas, the first lady of the US, a senator from New York and a law professor.

Clinton’s experience adds to her ethos and shows that Clinton is capable of holding the highest office.

Clinton’s experience, however, is not all that sets Clinton apart from her rival Republican candidate, Donald Trump. In terms of preparation, Clinton has shown to have a more concrete, detailed plan. More specifically, Clinton has a clear strategy on education reform, namely, the continuation of Common Core and a plan to provide free public college for everyone.

Although Common Core has already been implemented and has received much criticism, it is significant for a national education system to exist to ensure that schools are teaching the same curriculum to all students.

The roll-out of Common Core, according to Clinton, was largely unsuccessful and done wrong, hence the opposition it faces.

However, should she win the presidency, she will work to fix such a system, rather than removing the entire system in the way that Trump proposes.

Furthermore, the cost of college tuition and student loans are out of control. Many low-income families are discouraged from attaining a post high school education.

We believe that every student, or citizen for that matter, should be given access to a college education in order to perform better in the workplace. In addition to her stance on education, the Bull’s Eye looks favorably upon her immigration policies. Amnesty, we believe, is the only practical solution.

Contrary to what Trump claims, illegal immigrants do not have a negative impact on the American economy as a whole and do not avoid paying necessary taxes and bills. In addition, deportation of illegal immigrants or building a wall between America and Mexico is unfeasible, costly and ineffective

Finally, the Bull’s Eye deems that the other major party candidate, Donald Trump, is largely incompetent and irresponsible for the single-most powerful job in the world.

Most of Trump’s proposed policies have been based on fear-mongering, while many of his statements are rash and offensive.

A Trump presidency would ultimately lower the standards for being a president.

For the purpose of education and immigration reform, thus, for the purpose of electing a truly experienced candidate, a Clinton presidency would be ideal.


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2 Responses to “Eye of the Editors: The Bull’s Eye endorsement”

  1. Jo Do on October 12th, 2016 10:05 pm

    What a disappointment for you to endorse Hillary Clinton to be our president. Hillary Clinton is corrupt, unethical, dishonest, irresponsible, and unsuccessful at everything after all these years in gov’t service.

    As for her policies, her proposals will only incur more debts for our country. Illegal immigrants are already costing the US over $100 BILLION each year. To allow more in (amnesty) is just going to bankrupt our nation. Who is paying for all this????Economy will still be stagnant because she has no experience in business to even know where or how to begin to create jobs. She’s been in the government too long to know any better.

    Clinton is a true politician!!! Along with media, she has mesmerized her supporters with her eloquent and effective communication skills, claiming she’s fit to be the commander in chief. However, she failed as the Secretary of State. She has also proven nothing but corruption while in office, and self greed out of office. Clinton thinks she’s above the law. She’s getting away with too many unlawful things (deleted classified emails), Clinton Foundation, etc without conscientiously admitting to them and without prosecution. She’s an unethical liar without remorse! Hillary Clinton is NOT qualified and should NOT be elected as the president of the United States!!!!

  2. Jo Do on October 12th, 2016 10:22 pm

    As for free public college for everyone, who’s going paying for it? Of course, the taxpayers will. But with no increase in job creations, there will be no wage earners, thus, no taxpayers.

    Where will Clinton get the money to support free college???? She has no experience in how to create jobs…she and her husband eliminated many jobs due to NAFTA……WHAT WILL CHANGE????

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Eye of the Editors: The Bull’s Eye endorsement