CLOWNS: News Bits


Amelie Lee, Asst. Feature Editor

(Mayes County, Oklahoma) A woman claims that while driving along 500 Road last Monday, she was pulled out of her vehicle and attacked by two men and one woman wearing clown costumes. Mayes County police are putting this as a high priority case and warn the public to be careful amidst the recent clown attacks.

While many of the terrifying clowns are adults with twisted senses of humor, adolescents have been charged for clown threats as well. In early October, a 12-year-old middle school student in Monroe, New Jersey, was charged with disorderly juvenile complaint for making threats on social media about a possible clown attack to the school. In addition, a 10-year-old in Montgomery, Alabama was also arrested for making terrorist threats on Facebook on an account named “Bingerman Clownferd.”

Amidst the massive surge of scary clown sightings, professional clowns have been affected profoundly. Mike Wesley and Tim Cunningham, are one of many professional clowns, who have spoken up about their fears. Even Ronald Mc Donald, McDonald’s well known figurehead, has been keeping his head low. The company has announced that they are mindful of the clown epidemic and will keep their mascot from making public appearances and being involved in community events.

One activist group is trying to show the public that clowns are not all the terrifying monsters recent media has portrayed them as. The activist group known as #clownlivesmatter planned to take a stand for professional clowns by participating on a “fun peaceful walk” in Tuscon, Arizona. However, the march was cancelled after organizer Nikki Sinn reportedly received death threats and harassment on social media.