Being single on Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2016

Valentine’s Day: Perhaps the most depressing day of the year. While many  spend the day in the company of a loved one, enjoying dates at restaurants and other romantic  locations, I sit at home and attempt to do homework. Occasionally I’ll glance at Facebook, only to close the app seconds later as the many photos popping up on screen, constantly reminding me how single I am.

However, Feb. 14 doesn’t have to be all tears and gloom; even the loneliest of students can find joy without having a date.

Even though the day is traditionally a special day for couples, it can be memorable and fun for anyone willing to spread the love. Forget your misery and start making plans for a day with your friends. Instead of going to a special place with a significant other, try going to a memorable place with a group of friends; while the trip may not be as romantic, it just might make for a better experience. An outing with friends can also be less stressful; with them, there’s no need to worry about the perfect gift or the most romantic venue.

If your friends aren’t available,  Valentine’s Day can also be a great opportunity for family bonding. Whether it’s going on a family trip to the beach, cooking a family dinner, or playing cards around the dinner table, every family has something that it does to bond. For those who are looking to while away the hours until Feb. 15, such activities can provide a distraction from the Snapchat stories portraying other people’s day out.

For those who desperately feel the need to make someone’s V-Day special, treat the one you love the most: yourself. Go out and have fun at your favorite mall, park, or theater. Spend some quality time with your wallet and spend a little more than usual. Buy a bigger dinner, a fancier dress, a nicer pair of shoes. Explore the community; take a bike or lace up those boots and go for a scenic trip through the city or hike up a mountain, or if you’re not the athletic type, take the seven-hour nap you’ve always wanted, or eat an entire cake; it’s up to you. Do whatever makes you feel happy, and have a good time doing so.

While being single can definitely be heartbreaking, it doesn’t have to hold you back on Valentine’s Day. Cast aside your anguish and instead look on the bright side: At least you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on the perfect gift.

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