Three classes select leaders

The sophomore, junior, and senior class officers for next year were elected on April 30.

Ingrid Chan, Staff Writer

A collection of experienced officers and new faces were the winners of Diamond Bar High School’s April 30 elections for the 2015-2016 school year.

This fall, the senior class of 2016 will be led by newly-elected president Samuel Chiang.

“I look forward to working together so we can make our senior year the most memorable experience ever. As the senior president I will make sure that we work together in order to improve our class, our school, and our community,” Chiang said.

Supporting him will be Aakash Pathak, who has been the vice president of the 2016 class for two years and will be leading for a third term.

“I never was really involved in school activities, and this bothered me. So I thought the best way to make myself more involved was to run for class officer,” Pathak said via Facebook.
Paul Lee will be serving as the new secretary-treasurer, with Sooji Kim as the class’ social chairperson for the second time, and Denise Rebaya will be the new historian.

Regarding the class of 2017, Morgan Pak has already had two years of previous experience acting as president, and is now going into her third consecutive term in the position.

“I take the fact that my peers have chosen to re-elect me really seriously. It shows me that I have their trust and confidence to do a good job next year and gives me the responsibility to make sure that I deliver,” she said via Facebook.

Also having prior background with more than one officer position, Ameer Alameddin will be the junior’s vice president once again.

“At the start of freshman year, I knew that I wanted to take a leadership position in my class and participate in as much as I could. I really enjoyed holding these positions as they gave me opportunities to get involved with my class and meet new people,” Alameddin said.

The class’ secretary-treasurer will be Donje Lee, with Vinay Bhupathiraju as social chairperson, and Austin Decambra as historian.

Next year’s sophomores, the Class of 2018, will have Hampton Douglas as their president. Hampton was once again re-elected this year after holding the presidential position last year.
“My brother got me interested, so I ran my 8th grade and freshmen year,” Douglas said about his brother Donald Douglas.

Additionally, Danton Wong will be serving as the vice president, Steven Liang as secretary-treasurer, Christian Park as social chairperson, and Clarissa Hui will be historian.

“The experience I remember the most while running is making my speech during lunch because I was pretty scared when I got up. But then everything was great because all my friends were cheering,” Wong said.