AOTM: Ariana Infante

Emily Leung, Feature Editor

Senior Ariana Infante is best known as a tri-athlete, playing soccer in addition to running cross country and track. However what most don’t know is her that her real passion lies in her dream of starting a world-renown metal band.

Infante made the varsity track team as a freshman, the varsity cross country team as a sophomore, and the varsity soccer team as junior.

“When I started playing sports in high school, my goal was to earn a varsity letter my freshman year, so that I could get my letterman jacket. With my determination and hard work, I achieved this goal during my first track season,” Infante said via email.

Infante has been playing soccer since she was 10 and was previously a part of the Legacy Fútbol Club. She has played every position except for goalie during her soccer career, but her primary position is outside midfielder.

“I love playing outside mid because it allows me to get involved in both offense and defense,” Infante said.

As for track, Infante was influenced by her father, who was the track captain when he was in high school. She currently runs the anchor leg in the girls varsity 4x400m relay team. Though it is tough for her to choose, track her is favorite out of the three sports as she enjoys the tenacity and high level of competition at meets.

“Sprinting gives me an adrenaline rush and I love the feeling of accomplishment when I set new personal records,” Infante said.

Throughout her time as an athlete, she has seen an overall growth in her character, further developing her leadership, teamwork, and motivational skills.

“I have become more outgoing and gained many amazing friends throughout the seasons. I learned to be more patient and to not only enjoy the huge accomplishments but also the smaller moments. I will always remember how much fun these many seasons were and how much I have learned since freshman year,” Infante said.

Infante has had a number of accomplishments in all three of her sports throughout her four years. Most notably, she became the sixth fastest female cross country runner in all of DBHS history this past season with a time of 18 minutes and 58.6 seconds at the Dana Hills Invitational. She has also earned the Academic All-League Award for at least one year in each of her sports.

Despite her success in high school, Infante does not plan on competitively running or playing soccer in college because she would like to devote her time to pursue a career in music. She can play the piano and guitar in addition to transposing her own songs.

“My career plan is to major in music, form my own metal band and be the lead guitarist, get signed by a label, and go on tour around the world playing at large concerts,” Infante said.

Just last month, she was playing guitar for the Phorbiden Phunguyz in DBHS’s Battle of the Bands.

“I loved it because I feel so energized playing guitar in front of an audience. I love jamming with other musicians because the feeling of creating music is exhilarating,” Infante remarked.