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A Year of New Music

January 29, 2015

The most exciting part about a new year is the complementary newness of media. Whether it be film, music, or technology, artists and companies are constantly producing content to one-up last year’s fails or successes. Of course, creating a clichéd New Year’s Resolution doesn’t always hurt either. This year, I’m determined to listen to more music and explore my boundaries: Welcome, diversity! With that said, here are my most anticipated albums of 2015:

Let the Road – Rixton (Release Date: March 2, 2015)
With their debut album released earlier this month, Rixton will be releasing the album in its entirety this coming March. The full album’s complete track list hosts ten songs, including their catchy single “Me and My Broken Heart,” and others co-written by Benny Blanco and Ed Sheeran. If you enjoy cool, pop-genre boy bands (e.g. One Direction), you’ll like Rixton, another heartthrob British group that brings equally fun tunes to the table.

Smoke + Mirrors – Imagine Dragons (Release Date: February 17, 2015)
I’ve had a penchant for Imagine Dragons songs ever since they came into existence—adding a second album into their repertoire is like handing candy to a child: fantastic news. Their entrance into mainstream media last year was phenomenal, with hit singles from “Night Visions” hitting the tops of charts, and I have high expectations for this powerful, alternative band. Their promotional singles, “Warrior” and “I Bet My Life” have me reeling with excitement—Imagine Dragons continues to uphold their compelling alternative/indie energy with prominent percussions and booming vocals.

25 – Adele (Release Date: Projected End of 2015)
Since Adele’s explosive popularity with Grammy-winning “21” in 2010, the singer has stayed under the radar reportedly dealing with her vocal illness, supporting her new family, and recording a new LP supposedly named “25” to reflect the age of when she recorded the album. In this impending album, the mood and music of the tracks will be tuned into a rawer, more acoustic vibe that will have a “different sound” compared to Adele’s prior tracks.

74 is the New 24 – Giorgio Moroder (Release Date: Projected Spring 2015)
In my attempt to try something new, this record caught my eye. This will be the first solo album work in 30 years released by techno composer Giorgio Moroder. Moroder has been dabbling with modern pop/techno artists such as Daft Punk and David Bowie, and remixes popular songs as well. His signature style is one similar to that of Daft Punk: a retro-electronic disco. Now that he’s hit 74, it’ll be interesting to see what this so-called futuristic, revolutionary producer of his era can create for the 21st century, when dubstep and electronica reign and Moroder’s craft is no longer “his.”

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