Restaurant Review: Tranquil Tea Lounge


Victoria Ly, Contributing Writer

Amidst the chaos of finals and AP testing, students tend to fall into a harmful habit of consuming caffeinated, sugary drinks. However, here’s a healthier, organic alternative: Tranquil Tea Lounge, a quaint tea house located in the urban community of Downtown Fullerton. Its vision is to “create a tranquil environment to escape from the daily stress of life” and is a place where you can socialize with friends and family while tasting unique and refreshing tea blends.

The restaurant gives off a relaxed and calm vibe—quirky paintings hang symmetrically against the wall, adding a touch of humor to the overall warm and inviting setting. Shelves in the corner of the restaurant display an array of tea jars, giving off a soft aroma of tea that I could smell while waiting in line.

At the time I visited, the crowd consisted of young, college students who were looking for a place to loosen up, study and eat. It isn’t hard to see why college students are the most frequent customers; the calming wall colors, soft lighting, and unique decor create a very soothing environment that can lower anyone’s stress levels.

Of course, when at a tea lounge you have to order the tea. The menu offers over 95 varieties of specialty and organic loose leaf teas. The choices include black, green, oolong, herbal and wellness teas. They also offer a tea blend option, which compiles a variety of fruit mixes. Although the names of the drinks can be vague and confusing to read, the menu explains the ingredients of each drink clearly and the health benefits they offer as well.

Teas range from $4 to $5 and can be served iced or hot. If ordered iced, they come with refills served alongside the drink, which is a great accommodation. There is an option of adding lemonade to tea for 25 cents, and customers can also request to have sweetened or unsweetened tea.

The first drink I ordered was Makena’s Passion, a light and refreshing green tea blend. It has a slight fruity tang and tastes great both hot and cold. Another great drink I would recommend is the Mango Delight. Made with pineapple, mango and strawberry, the Mango Delight is a flavorful fruit tea blend that is semi-sweet and tastes great cold.

My favorite part of the Tranquil Tea Lounge experience would have to be the dessert. The menu offers several small desserts to choose from. Scones, tea cakes, mochi ice cream and hand-crafted macaroons complement all the teas perfectly. My personal favorite is the blueberry tea cake with a side of vanilla ice cream. The cake was served warm, as if it came straight from the oven, and had a moist, soft texture that is delicious paired with the vanilla ice cream.

Overall, I really enjoyed having lunch at Tranquil Tea Lounge. All of the teas are made with high quality, organic ingredients. I am looking forward to tasting more unique teas, and will be happily returning to this quaint, little urban tea house soon.