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DBHS’ Math Wiz: Benjamin Chen

Calvin Ru, Staff Writer

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There seems to be no limit for freshman Benjamin Chen when it comes to math. As one of the highest scoring members of the United States American Mathematical Olympiad, Chen has recently been admitted to the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program, an intensive summer program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“When I received the email, I was very surprised, pleasantly so,” Chen stated.

The MOSP is a program that trains high school students to represent the nation in the International Mathematics Olympiad, a world championship mathematics competition for high school students. The team only consists of six members, the top students from MOSP.

Chen was accepted to the program after scoring high in the USAMO, which contains six pre-calculus proof questions. The top 270 students who took the AMC 12 were eligible to participate in the USAMO. Chen had passed the AMC 12 with flying colors, but in the next competition struggled through six questions within the time limits of nine hours in the time span of two days.

Now at the MOSP, Chen hopes to enter the IMO and represent the US as one of the best student mathematicians. He has attended various classes to continue in exercising his mathematical knowledge.

“I hope to learn a lot from the best math students in the country there,” Chen stated.

Aside from achieving these mathematical feats, Chen has also been to various math competitions such as the Harvard-MIT Math Competition, in which he placed third with a group, and the Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition, in which he placed fourth as a solo competitor. Chen is also involved in the Brahma Math Team and clubs off campus such as the Orange County Math Circle.

Still a freshman, the Mach 5 student has a promising high school career ahead of him.

“I’m sure that Benjamin will be a success in whatever the future holds for him as long as he continues the path that he and his parents have chosen. He surrounds himself with successful people and always strives for success in whatever he does. As a teacher, that is all we can ask for—that our students work with integrity to the best of their ability,” Calculus teacher Howard Alcosser stated.

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DBHS’ Math Wiz: Benjamin Chen