#2: DBHS Dance Essentials

#2: DBHS Dance Essentials

September 17, 2014

It’s finally that time of year again, and no, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m referring to the extravaganza, the DBHS school dance, specifically the homecoming dance this Saturday. For freshmen who have not yet been to any of the school’s dances, this event is much more elaborate than any of that middle school hullabaloo you may remember. While it may be too late to make plans for this year’s dance, freshmen can still use this advice in the future. After all, you still have three more homecomings and two proms awaiting you.

From sumptuous homecoming “askings” to complex transportation and picture arrangements, preparation for the dance is essential. Based on my own experiences with dances, you need to make all appointments and reservations in advance, especially if there are other schools that have a dance on the same day.

If you are coordinating plans with a group of people, do not spend too long arguing about small things like picture locations or which restaurant to eat at. For pictures, simply choose a pretty local park such as English Springs Park, and for dinner, I’d advise sticking with a place near the dance location. Don’t make these decisions too big of a hassle, because you will end up wasting time and as a result losing the chance to make any reservations for a desired time.

Of course, who you go to the dance with is probably the most important aspect of all.
“Only ask the best girl to homecoming. I mean that’s what I do,” said junior Branden Parent. However, you don’t always need a date for the dance to be an enjoyable, memorable occasion.

“Surround yourself with people you know you’ll have fun with! Homecoming and your experience are influenced by who you’re with! Homecoming is way more fun with an interesting friend than a boring date,” stated Sydney Lopez, a senior.
Personally, I’ve gone to the school dances with dates and just with friends and it honestly does boil down to the people you are with. Whether you go with a date or a friend, as long as you share common interests and have a lot to talk about, you will have a marvelous time.

Once you arrive at the dance, the first thing that will happen is you and your date or friends will be separated by gender into security check lines. They will pat you down to make sure you are not carrying anything suspicious. Girls, you will have to show them the inside of your purse if you bring one. Do not bring lipstick, lip gloss, or any other liquid/ semi-liquid makeup because they will confiscate it and you will have to pick it up at your GLC’s office on Monday.

After security checks, show your ID card to the teachers and USB students sitting at the tables by the entrance. They will give you a wristband that will indicate that you are a student attending the dance. Whatever you do, do not lose this wristband otherwise you might get kicked out.

Finally, after going through this convoluted process, you are free to roam the venue as you wish. You can take get pictures taken by professional photographers, participate in fun activities spread throughout the venue, dance the night away, and in the case of this homecoming, even go bowling.

Although if the preparation and entrance procedure may seem too complicated and stressful, just go. High school is your last opportunity to experience events like homecoming or prom.

“Freshmen should really go to school dances even if they’re intimidated to go during their first year because they should make the most out of their high school experience,” asserted sophomore Jessica Zhang.

Just to sum it all up, to ensure that your homecoming adventure is flawless, make sure to be prepared by scheduling all your appointments and reservations beforehand, and of course, go with interesting people that will help make your night spectacular. If you already made arrangements to spend the evening in Wonderland this Saturday, I’ll see you there. If not, dance your heart out next year.

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